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Telliot - the tasker

This is the main CLI of the project. One of its most useful features is to run in mining mode(solve a POW challenge) and submit values to the tellor oracle contract. It's built with Go and utilizes a split structure. The database piece is a LevelDB that keeps track of all variables (challenges, difficulty, values to submit, etc.) and the miner simply solves the PoW challenge. This enables parties to split the pieces for optimization.

The Tellor system is a way to push data on-chain. . Note that the data corresponds to a specific API. The tellor mining system is set up to pull API data to generate these values to submit on-chain once a correct nonce is mined. These specific APIs are just suggestions. The system is not guaranteed to work for everyone. It is up to the consensus of the Tellor token holders to determine what a correct value is. As an example, request ID 4 is BTC/USD. If the APIs all go down, it is the responsibility of the miner to still submit a valid BTC/USD price. If they do not, they risk being disputed and slashed. For these reasons, please contribute openly to the official Tellor miner (or an open-source variant), as consensus here is key. If your miner gets a different value than the majority of the other miners, you risk being punished.

A list of all PSR's(pre-specified requests) and the expected data can be found here.



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