Tellor Docs
Use Cases
The new Tellor system, with its expansion to arbitrary data types, works as an oracle for any piece of off-chain information. The specific structure of Tellor, with its lack of finality and ambiguously defined data points make it a unique oracle and one that is not fit for high speed values needing instant accuracy or trusted endpoints that are not open to all reporters.
That said, there are still a number of use cases that Tellor works well for and we look forward to expanding our user base and our community around these and even more creative use cases:
  • Price feeds (e.g. BTC/USD TWAP)
  • Prediction Markets (e.g. who is the current president of the United States?)
  • Bridging assets (e.g. bring BTC block headers onto Ethereum)
  • L2 Security (data availability, sequencer validation)
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