User Functions


  • the function allows the user to increase the payout for a specific request

addTip(uint _requestId, uint _tip)

where: * _requestId is the ID for the value to be mined * _tip is the amount the requester is willing to pay to get on the queue


To read data, users will need to call these two functions:

  • the function allows the user to read the data for the given request ID and timestamp

retrieveData(uint _requestId, uint _timestamp)


  • _requestId -- is the request ID

  • _timestamp -- is the unix timestamp to retrieve a value from


  • the function allows the user to read data from the latest request ID and timestamp mined.


This is an example of a function that would need to be added to a contract so that it can read data from an oracle contact if the contract holds Tributes:

contract Oracle is usingTellor {
function getLastNewValue() public returns(uint,bool) {
(value,ifRetrieve) = getLastNewValue();
return (value, ifRetreive);