Getting Paid

The payments for Tellor feeds are not held in the main tellor contract. Technically you can pay for Tellor feeds however you want (off-chain, recurring, hand shake agreements, etc.), however the trustless way to do this on-chain is to use the Autopay contract.
The autopay contract allows parties to schedule and fund recurring data feeds or submit one-time tips to Tellor queryIDs.
For most Tellor queryIDs, the Tellor token on the network will be the tipped token.
There is a 12 hour waiting period after reporting data before tips can be claimed. This helps ensure that, if a value gets disputed, another reporter will be incentivized to submit the data and the user can still retrieve their requested data. Also note that tips must be claimed within 3 months of the original data submission.

One time tips

Finding - Autopay contracts will emit an event:
event TipAdded(
bytes32 indexed _queryId,
uint256 indexed _amount,
bytes _queryData,
address _tipper
To see the current tip for any queryId, check:
* @dev Getter function to current oneTime tip by queryId
* @param _queryId id of reported data
* @return amount of tip
function getCurrentTip(bytes32 _queryId) public view returns (uint256);
Getting Payment - To get the payment for a one time tip, run:
* @dev Function to claim singular tip
* @param _queryId id of reported data
* @param _timestamps ID of timestamps you reported for
function claimOneTimeTip(
bytes32 _queryId,
uint256[] calldata _timestamps
) external;
Note the timestamp array is so you can submit for many one time tips and just claim all of those tips at once.

Recurring data feeds

Finding - When a new feed is funded, the following event will emit:
event DataFeedFunded(
bytes32 indexed _queryId,
bytes32 indexed _feedId,
uint256 indexed _amount,
address _feedFunder,
FeedDetails _feedDetails
To see all data feeds for a given queryID, check:
* @dev Getter function to read current data feeds
* @param _queryId id of reported data
* @return feedIds array for queryId
function getCurrentFeeds(bytes32 _queryId)
returns (bytes32[] memory);
Getting Payment - to claim payments from a data feed, run:
* @dev Allows Tellor reporters to claim their tips in batches
* @param _feedId unique feed identifier
* @param _queryId ID of reported data
* @param _timestamps batch of timestamps array of reported data eligible for reward
function claimTip(
bytes32 _feedId,
bytes32 _queryId,
uint256[] calldata _timestamps
) external {
The _feedId is simply the keccak256 has of the variables defined in setupFeed:
bytes32 _feedId = keccak256(