All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

NOTE: As semantic versioning states all 0.y.z releases can contain breaking changes in API (flags, grpc API, any backward compatibility)

We use breaking :warning: to mark changes that are not backward compatible (relates only to v0.y.z releases.)

v5.7.0 - 2021.02.23


  • #399 We no longer use the"publicAddress" config in the config file, instead we get public addresses from the "ETH_PRIVATE_KEYS" environment variable.

  • #399 We changed "ETH_PRIVATE_KEY" environment variable to a list of private keys (separated by ,) and now it will be defined using "ETH_PRIVATE_KEYS" environment variable.

  • #403 The config file now has fields separated by commands(eg. Dataserve, mine,etc) where all the command specific configuration goes. It now uses strict parsing, meaning that unused fields throw an error, which will likely happen to a lot of users. For a clear view of the conifg, please take a look at the config file

  • #403 Renamed indexes.json to api.json.

  • #403 Removed the configs folder and now user should use apiFile and manualDataFile.

  • #410 Public addresses should be prefixed with 0x.

  • #410 Integration and testing to use the newer contracts.


  • #406 Added new command migrate to migrate old tokens for the new one.


  • #410 Fixed all most submit races, causing fewer submission errors. More effort will be dedicated to completely removing them in the next release.

v5.6.0 - 2021.02.08


  • #240 Replaced the cli package to allow for command specific flags and configuration. Now all flags should be passed last. Example: Instead of: ./telliot --config="config.json" stake deposit, it becomes:./telliot stake deposit --config="config.json" Removed the RemoteMining -r flag. Remote is active when specifying a RemoteDBHost for the Mine command. See the configs/config.json for an example.

  • #378 Removed GPU mining, as it weren't being used.

  • #390 Removed the feature to connect using Stratum Pool, as it weren't being used.

  • #386 Removed the need to provide the tellor contract address in the config file

  • #386 Removed the logLevel flag. Now all logging setup is in the config file. See the example at configs/config.json.


  • #347 Added onchain trackers for Uniswap and Balancer.

  • #385 Added a new psr for Defi Market cap, for id 58. Miners will need to create a free api key in CoinMarketCap pro to be able to read the apis.


v5.5.0 - 2021.01.18


  • #372 Split the configs of the mine and dataserver command to avoid confusion and be more explicit. This also fixes an issue where can't run a miner and dataserver on the same machine(now that the miner also runs an HTTP server to expose metrics). The config format has changed so users need to update their configs. See the configs/config.json for an example of the new format.

  • #374 Changed DEFITVL from median to mean as it has only 2 API endpoints and with mean the calcs return more accurate results.



v5.4.0 - 2021.01.13


  • #321 Unified all configuration files. LoggingConfig and LogLevel now reside in the main config file.

  • #366 Refactored the index.json parsing to be more flexible and allow using different parsers. With the notion of parser and param can allow combining different parsers and parsers parameters. The default is still jsonPath, but current users need to rename jsonPath to param in their index.json file.


  • #321 interval field in the indexes.json file. This sets a custom trackerCycle for a specific (e.g. an interval: 600 would lead to the API being updated every hour)

  • #321 minSubmitPeriod field in the config.json file. This sets a limit on how often telliot can send submits. The default is 15min which is what the current oracle contract allows.

  • #339 Initial support for Prometheus metrics.

  • #340 Manifest files to run in k8s google cloud with Prometheus and Grafana monitoring. The team will run a public telliot miner dashboard at

  • #334 DEFITVL feed as a new request ID 57. Miners would have to update the binary and index.json to be able to submit.

v5.3.0 - 2020.12.21


  • #317 Removed nodeURL and private key from config file

  • #318 indexes.json file format migrated to JSONPath format.


  • #272 Automated Docker images on every push to master and with every tagged release.

v5.2.0 - 2020.11.12

  • #254

    • Added support for expanding variables in the indexer api url.

    • Added config to specify the .env file location. The default is now configs/.env so users should either specify a custom location in the config.json or move it inside the default config folder.

v5.0.0 - 2020.11.02


  • Profitability calculations which is set through the ProfitThreshold(in percents) settings in the config,

  • Docs how to contribute.