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About Tellor Tributes (TRB)
Tellor Tributes (TRB) are the native token of the Tellor. They are used to incentivize miners to provide data through base rewards and tips via user requests. They are used for governing valid data through disputes, and for system upgrades proposed and voted on by token holders.

Tip Burns

In the Tellor system, 50% of tips go to miners (⅕ to each selected miner) and 50% of the tips are burned each block.


The total supply of Tellor is determined by usage and mining rates. For the maximum supply, Tellor’s supply will grow at the rate of the base reward * 288 queries per day. The graph below shows the Tellor supply and the growth rate assuming full utilization:


The Tellor Oracle implements a ten percent developers share (dev share). This revenue stream will be managed by the Tellor team and utilized in the following ways:
  • Ensure community participation and accurate voting for disputes
  • Create and distribute efficient mining software
  • Market and Promote Tellor to ensure adoption which leads to greater mining incentives
  • Create developer tools for utilizing Tellor in production deployments
  • Fund research and improvements to our system


In addition to providing a means of voting on the validity of data submissions, the Tellor token is used to vote on upgrades to the Tellor contracts.
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