The Tellor system allows users to request specific pieces of data, and reporters can then submit those values. Every piece of data that is requested, reported, and retrieved within the Tellor system is associated with a Query Type, Query Data, and a specific identifier, known as the Query ID.

Some quick definitions before we move on:

A Query Type is a specification for custom data you want to receive from the oracle. It defines the parameters of a Query that users can input for their specific requests. For example:

Query Type - SpotPrice

  1. asset

    • description: Asset ID (e.g. BTC)

    • value type: string

  2. currency

    • description: Selected currency (e.g. USD)

    • value type: string

What data do you need?

Price data

First check if the data is already being reported by viewing our feeds.

Tellor data is free for anyone to read. This means that if someone else just updated the value, you can use it free of charge!

Need a spot price from Tellor?

  1. Generate a query ID for the asset/currency pair using this tool.

  2. Next, use that ID to pay reporters to put that data on-chain.

  3. Then retrieve the reported spot price from the oracle like this.

Custom Data

First, check in /types if there's already a query type that defines the data you need.

If not, you'll need to create a new query type.

Once that is done you'll need to pay reporters to put that data on-chain, and retrieve that data from the Tellor oracle like this.

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