Setting up New Chains

How to setup Tellor / report data on a new chain

Tellor is easy to deploy on any EVM chain.

For instructions on how to deploy the smart contracts:

Telliot Configuration

To configure telliot for your new EVM chain make sure you have configured your telliot first. To show your current configuration:

telliot config show

Add your EVM chain

Edit the chains file

The chains configuration file allows you to add a chain to your telliot configuration. For this example we will be adding the Kovan testnet chain. Edit the ~/telliot/chains.json and add the following:

      "type": "Chain",
      "name": "Ethereum Testnet Kovan",
      "chain": "ETH",
      "network": "kovan",
      "chain_id": 42,
      "currency": {
        "type": "EVMCurrency",
        "name": "Kovan Ether",
        "symbol": "KOV",
        "decimals": 18

Edit the endpoints file

Next we'll edit the ~/telliot/endpoints.yaml file to configure Telliot to use our Kovan endpoint. If you don't have an endpoint, a free one is available at Simply replace INFURA_API_KEY with the one provided by Infura.

Add the following to your endpoints file:

- type: RPCEndpoint
  chain_id: 42
  network: kovan
  provider: Infura
  url: wss://{INFURA_API_KEY}

After your new chain has been added, you can now read the Usage section, and you'll be set to report.

For non-EVM chains, feel free to reach out and see if it's something we can do!

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