Contracts Overview

The Tellor contracts are stand alone, but together comprise the core functionality of the Tellor oracle.

The Oracle contract handles staking, reporting, and reading data. Accounts stake TRB to the Oracle to become data reporters. Users read data feeds from this contract.

This contract also handles slashing reporter stakes and removing data when called by Governance.

The Autopay contract handles payments to reporters for submitting data to requested feeds. Users can setup and fund a schedule for reporting rewards (tips) using this contract, or just add a one time tip.

The Governance contract handles creating, voting on, and executing disputes on the Oracle contract. After a dispute is resolved this contract sends the dispute fee and slashed stake to the appropriate parties.

The Token contract contains logic for the ERC20 TRB token as well as legacy support for users who adopted an original version of Tellor (a proxy to forward reads to the current oracle contract).

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